Kiran Ahluwalia, two-time winner of Canada’s top music prize, the Juno, is back with a powerful album about rising ethnic marginalization and political polarization.

“Can we say we are human, if we lack humanity?” Ahluwalia asks in “Jaane Jahan,” an anthem about the disturbing rise in cultural intolerance in India and the Diaspora. Its lyrics proclaim, “We bleed the same red, we shed the same salty tears’.  

“Our deep entrenchment in tribal identities is depriving us of the ability to talk to people with opposing ideas, and this leaves me with a profound despair”, explains Kiran.  “Tera Jugg” speaks to this disheartenment. “In this world of yours how shall I chart my way / whose hearts shall I appease, who shall I sway?” 

Ahluwalia has an uncanny ability for channelling her sentiments into her music. “Comfort Food” is filled with songs of protest and hope for a just society. “Writing these songs gave me an emotional release from my own sense of helplessness – in this way creating this album has been my comfort food.” 

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